Suryaputra Kaunteya - The Story of Karna The Great

Suryaputra Kaunteya - The Story of Karna The Great

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Author: Indirabai M Rau
Publisher: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 153
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172762909


This book being offered to young readers in India and abroad contains the story of Karna, one of the great warriors of the Mahabharata. This book ia about Suryaputra Kaunteya, the story of Kuntiputra or Kaunteya born of the Sun god, Karna, who has no parallel in the Mahabharata.


Author’s Preface
King Shoorsen of Mathura
Raja Kunti Bhoj of Bhojpur
Prutha of Mathura Becomes Kunti of Bhojpur
Kunti’s Life at Bhojpur
Kunti Bhoj’s Victory Against Tribesmen
Rishi Durvasa’s Yagnya at Bhojpur
The Divine Conception
The Virgin Mother-Dhatri Comes to the Rescue
Kunti Becomes Queen of Hastinapura
Karna’s Boyhoood at Champanagar
Karna Goes to Hastinapur
Karna at the Yuddhashala
The First Rebuff
Yagnya at the Yuddhashala
The Tournament
The Second Rebuff-Karna Crowned King of Angadesa
Karma and Vrushali
The Third Rebuff
The Games of dice-Yudhistis Stakes His all and Loses
Karna Takes the Challenge
Karna the Conqueror
Karma The Giver
The Search for Brahmastra
The Old Man’s Curse
The Bitter Fruits of Deception
Karna Learns The Secret of His Birth From Krishna
War Clouds
War Declared
Karma Becomes Commander-in-Chief
Kunti and Karna-The First and Last Meeting
Karna Dies A Hero’s Death