Illustrated Guide to Goa

Illustrated Guide to Goa

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Author: Louise Nicholson
Photographer: Fredrik Arvidsson
Publisher: Odyssey
Year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: 247
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9622174159


Goa, known for its endless stretches of golden beaches, is the obvious destination for the lotus eater. But Goa has far more to offer. This rich and fertile land, so perfectly located on the west coast of India, was a Portuguese colony form 1510 until it was returned to Indian rule in 1961. These four hundred and fifty years of Portuguese rule are evident everywhere, not only in the architecture but also in the way people dress, the food they eat, their music, dance and festivals.

The author presents a series of imaginative itineraries which explore every aspect of Goa’s multifaceted charms. Discover the splendors of Old Goa and its baroque churches, the temples of Ponda, the old Goan houses in and around Margao, the capital Panaji, deserted fortresses, vibrant markets, ancient caves, spice plantations which first lured Europeans to its shores and, last but not least, the celebrated beaches that run along the Arabian Sea.

An insight into the historic, religious, cultural and ethnic diversity of Goa.

Written by an award winning author who presents a series of imaginative itineraries which explore every aspect of Goa’s multifaceted charms.

Indispensable practical information including visas, travel, hotels, food, bars and beaches.

112 superb photographs.

Easy-to-use maps.



Goa Today: India’s Small, Young and Exotic State

Goa Down the Ages: Conquerors, Traders and Missionaries

The Beaches

Panaji: The Quiet Capital

Old Goa: Churches and Evocations of Golden City

Margao and Old Goan Houses

Goa’s Temples: A Visit to Ponda

More Goa Treats: Forts, Spices and Ancient Caves

Out of Goa: Trips to Other Parts of India

Key Dates in Goa’s History

Recommended Reading

Practical Goa

Getting there: Idea to reality; Vital Decisions

Local Information: trouble-free glorious Goa days

Fish curry rice: Goa’s Abundance of food

Out on the Town : shops, Sport, Restaurants and Nightlife



Literary Excerpts

Special topics

Maps and Plans