Bhaava Niroopanna - Classical Dance Series

Bhaava Niroopanna - Classical Dance Series

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Author: Kanak Rele
Publisher: Nalanda Dance Research Centre
Year: 1996
Language: multilingual
Pages: 141
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


Indian has been rightly called the cradle of dance. Perhaps no other civilization of the world but the Indian has produced a unified code which regulates its dance practices and ensures universalized excellence. India’s traditional but visually diverse dance practices are bound together by this code in their content. The secular facet of this content is psychological - The Theory of Rasa - which has resulted in the most unique feature of Indian dancing-abhinaya or enactment. The first part of this book deals with the traditional base of abhinaya. The second part deals with the actual practice of abhinaya. Detailed charts for the technique of creating different Rasas by way of abhinaya, enactment, are a unique feature of this book.

Indian Art, as represented by its dances, sculptures and paintings is basically a soulful offering to the Divine and is surcharged with spiritual fervor. This is essentially so because all forms of Indian Art have been conceptualized and have grown out of the human yearnings for Spiritual Union with the Divine.