Soul of Jainism

Soul of Jainism

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Author: Shiv Sharma
Publisher: Fusion Books
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 160
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8128800825


Jainism is an off-shoot of Hinduism. But it has its won specific attributes and qualities. This book contains the sum total of the teachings and preachings of 24 Tirthankers and a successive chain of Jain Acharyas. The book will expose you to the concepts of liberation of soul, non-violence, truth or compassion. It is indispensable to those who are interested in the growth of Indian culture and ethos.

Jainism and Buddhism are the two contemporary religions which have their roots deeply seated in Hinduism. Hence, when we discuss Jain and Buddhist philosophies, we cannot segregate them from Hindu philosophy as most of the tenets and preaching of both the religions are off-shoots of Hinduism.


Wise sayings


Jainism Versus Other Religions
Life History of Mahavira
Legends about Mahavira's birth
Trishala's Dreams
Birth of Vardhamana Mahavira
Name-giving Ceremony
Events during Mahavira's childhood
Types of Knowledge
Wandering of Mahavira
Mahavira Attains Enlightenment
Tirthankaras who preceded Mahavira
Life and event of Parshavanatha
Death of Mahavira
Different version about Mahavira's Nirvana
Earlier incarnations of Mahavira
Leading Disciples of Mahavira Goshala
Monks, Nuns, Laymen and Laywomen
Other Jain spiritual leaders
Jain Philosophy and other Philosophies
Hindu and Jain Philosophy
Fundamental Truths
The First Category Jiva
The Second Category Agiva
The Third Category Punya
The Fourth Category Papa
The Firth Category Ashrava
The Sixth Category Samvara
The Seventh Category Bondage (Bandha)
The Eighth Category Nirjara
The Nineth Category Moksha

Buddhism and Karma
Hinduism and Karma
Jainism and Karma
Kinds of Karma
Interrelation in various types of Karma

Twelve vows of a Layman

Five Great vows of an Ascetic
Ahimsa Vrat
Asatya Tyaga Vrat
Asteya Vrat
Brahmacharya Vrat
Aparigraha Vrat

Ratna Traya
Right Knowledge
Right Faith
Right Conduct
Three Evils and Right Conduct

The Jain Worship
Shvetamber Worship
Private Pooja
Jain Festivals, Holy days and Fasts
Miscellaneous Rituals and Superstitions