Soul of Sikhism

Soul of Sikhism

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Author: Gurpreet Singh
Publisher: Fusion Books
Year: 2003
Language: multilingual
Pages: 176
ISBN/UPC (if available): 812880085X


Sikhism is an integral part of Indian tradition. All the Sikh Gurus were Hindus. Some people are of the opinion that Hinduism and Sikhism are two different religions and they are opposed to each other. Some others have even gone to the extent that Sikhism is closer to Islam. In fact Sikh Gurus have included quotations from Hindu and Muslim saints. To that extent, they are secular with an universal appeal. This book puts the teachings and preaching of Sikh Gurus in proper perspective.

Like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity and Islam, Sikhism or philosophy of Sikh religion and ethics form an inseparable part of Indian tradition, ethos, festivals, celebrations and rituals, though with marginal deviations and variations. All the Sikh Gurus were Hindus and its was Guru Gobind Singh who founded the Khalsa and it goes exclusively to the great guru's credit that he prescribed certain norms for the Khalsa and his followers so that they could be distinguished form other religious adherants. Further it was also Guru Gobind Singh, who declared that after him no Sikh would be a Guru, because he was the last of the ten Sikh Gurus. He said that the followers of Sikh religion should consider the Adi Granth (Guru Granth Sahib) as a Guru.



Sikhism compared with other religions
Sikhism and Hinduism
Sikhism and Buddhism
Sikhism and Jainism
Sikhism and Islam
Sikhism and Christianity

Origin and Sources of Sikhism

Life profile of the gurus
Guru Nanak Dev
Guru Angad Dev
Guru Amardas
Guru Ramdas
Guru Arjun Dev
Guru Hargobind
Guru Hari Rai
Guru Harikrishan
Guru Teg Bahadur
Guru Gobing Singh

Sink ethics and religion
Explanation to some technical words
Teachings of Guru Nanak
Concept of God
Attributes of God
Comprehensive profile of God
Qualities of God
Remembrance of God
God as Controller, sustainer and Ruler of this universe

Salvation, the ultimate goal
Concept of salvation
Planes for spiritual development
Other stages of final emancipation

Sense organs, virtues and vices
Gyanandriyas and Karmendriyas
Vices mentioned in Islam

Guidelines of the gurus for Social, Economic and political disciplines
Common Kitchen
Cleansing the holy place and dusting shoes
Status of women, widows and marriage
Status of son & daughter
Exploitation of labour
Deliverance of justice and management of administration
Defense of the state and Sikh warriors
Attributes of Sikh warriors
Practices & injunctions in Sikhism
Penances of expiate sins
Methods of expiation is Hinduism
Who is a true Khalsa Sikh?
Procedure for baptisation of Sikh Khalsa
Injunctions (as mentioned in Rahatramas)