Socio-Cultural Impact of Islam on India

Socio-Cultural Impact of Islam on India

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Author: Attar Singh
Publisher: Punjabi University
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 200
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185322295


This volume celebrates the eight hundredth birth anniversary of Sheikh Baba Farid and seeks to provide the historical background to his life and works and also studies the contribution of Islam to the renewal and renaissance of the socio-cultural life, institutions and traditions of India and its role in determining their distinctive character and features.

The Punjab University is thankful to the Sheikh Baba Farid Memorial Society which entrusted to this University the assignment of preparing two commemorative volumes on Sheikh Farid and his times. Many volumes have already appeared dealing exclusively with the life and works of that great Sufi poet of medieval times. Therefore it was altogether a novel idea to bring out the impact of Islam on the socio-cultural life of this country, its institutions and traditions.

The present volume is in the nature of a symposium on the main theme that we decided to bring under focus. It has been our endeavour to cast our net s wide as was possible within the limitations, of course, of our budget as also the time at our disposal. The scholars whose contributions have been secured for the present volume are all well-known figures in their respective areas of specialization.

Since the present volume was planned to mark the Octo-centennial Birth anniversary of Sheikh Farid the first two articles deal directly with his life and contribution to the evolution of Punjabi poetic tradition.




Sheikh Farid and Punjabi Poetic Tradition

Baba Farid-A Real Saint

The Surviving Muslim Influences in the Speech of the Punjab

Islam in India-The Tragic Dimension

The Impact of Islam in Medieval India

Religion and Society in India

Islam in Indian Politics

Exclusion and Assimilation in Indian Islam

Development of Islamic Law in India: A Bird’s Eye-View

Guru Nanak and Islam

Historical Role of Mysticism in India

Iqbal on Time & Self

The Islamic Influence: A Study of the Terminology used by the Pahari Painters

The Pilgrimage and the Extension of Sacred Geography in the Poetry of Khwaja Ghulam Farid

Sufis and Travellers in the early Delhi Sultanate: The Evidence of the Fawa’id Al-F’wad.

Contribution of Muslims to Punjabi Literature


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