A Banarasi On Varanasi

A Banarasi On Varanasi

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Author: Kunal Sinha
Publisher: Srishti
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 276
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188575240


Varanasi is, quite simply, Hinduism's holiest, and one of the world's oldest living cities. For centuries, travelers have written about the experience of being swept away by the religious fervour that it has inspired. It is an entirely different perspective that Varanasi born and bred author, Kunal Sinha, brings to this book. It is a view from within, detailed in observation, sweeping in scale and evocatively Banarasi. Going beyond the usual tourist trail, the author takes the reader through a rich visual and verbal experience that only an insider could possibly provide.


Acclaim for Kunal Sinha's An Ordinary Traveller

Flashes of vivid imagery that startle you with their intensity.
-India Today

Refreshing for the author's candour…eclectic taste in destinations.
-Business World

We are all familiar with that peaceful, easy feeling that accompanies a holiday away somewhere, and you sense it in the book, even as it progresses from mountains to plains…endearing.
-First City



Older than Antiquity: The History of Varanasi

What's in a Name? Etymology and Orientation

Making Sense Out of the Maze: Geography

Varanasi Mapped
The Famous Galis of Varanasi

Spirituality and Religion: Varanasi's Temples

The Protectors
Significant Pilgrimages in Varanasi
Mediators and Enablers: The Pandas of Varanasi
Sadhus and Cults

Life and Death on a River: The Ganga and her Ghats

The Ghats, their history and significance
Swatchcha Ganga Abhiyan

Scholarship in Varanasi: From universities to Gurus

Banaras Hindu University: The Beginnings and today Kashi Vidyapeeth

Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya

Krishnamurthy Foundation

Jnana Pravaha

The Great Scholars of Varanasi

Culture and Folklore: Daily and Seasonal Life

The Banaras Gharana and its Exponents
Folk Songs of Varanasi
The Akhadas and Pahalwans of Varanasi
On Widows
Twelve Months, Thirteen Festivals
The Ramlilas of Varanasi

Craftsmanship, Commerce and Culinary Affairs
Tana-Bana: The Banarasi saree
Celebration for the Taste Buds


If I Were a Visitor