Reason and Reality - A Novel

Reason and Reality - A Novel

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Author: Mishrilal Jain
Publisher: Academic Foundation
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 211
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171883516


Lily is the Director of Student Activities at the University. She is single, young, energetic, exquisitely beautiful and in love with Samir-a bright and serious graduate student working for a doctoral degree in Astronomy and also the President of the Student Union. Samir is peculiarly intellectual, rational but emotional.

A unique feature Lily institutes at the University is that of Sunday Evening Forum presenting cultural programs, lectures and debates on topical subjects. Professor Henry Watson, a world-renowned authority on genomics, agrees to address the Forum on the much-sensationalized issue of human genetic engineering.

Some find Dr. Watson’s research on human cloning anti-God and Dr. Watson is blown off in suicide bombing. The suspects are indicted and a sensational trial held. Outraged at the culture of violence Lily runs for election to the legislature vowing to have a bill passed against public sale, possession and use of all kinds of firearms. Lily wins the election but big money lobby defeats her legislation. Lily resigns and embarks upon a Recall Campaign against the turncoat politicians. But then.


My former student, then scientist, teacher, lawyer, and now author, Mishri Jain tells a tender love story that is ingeniously intertwined with revolutionary frontiers of genomics and molecular medicine. This setting provides a stage for Jain to present a forward looking philosophy about life, change and the huge gap that exists separating modern science and much of today’s society. Reason and Reality is a fascinating novel of uncommon quality.
-Edwin b Kurtz, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Life Science, University of Texas, Permian Basin, U S A

Lily and Samir are much more than just another pair of young lovers. They are what we all need to be-open minded, warm hearted and thoughtful. Jain smoothly slips past our usual defenses, and makes us care deeply about issues that we barely notice. This is a rare accomplishment indeed, and a thought-provoking, captivating must read.
-Chittaranjan Nirmel, PhD, JD
Attorney at Law, Washington, DC, USA

Reason and Reality is a thinking person’s novel. In this tender tale of love, Mishrilal Jain has skillfully managed to compress numerous intelligent and nuanced reflections on the issues of our time. Rich and vivid descriptions of courtroom maneuvers, the life of the academy and the poetic fervor of the fiction add to the readability of this fast-paced and highly absorbing romantic story. Ultimately, one is left wondering about the mysterious relationship between reason and reality.
-S K Khinduka, Ph. D.
Dean and Distinguished University Professor,
George Warren Brown School of Social Work,
Washington University, St Louis, MO, USA

Beautiful written Reason and Reality is an engaging novel, delightfully rich and thought provoking. An extraordinary literary work that will transcend time.
-Surya Kaul
An Explorer of Literary Universe