English-English-Gujarati &Gujaratii-Gujarati--English: Supreme Combined Dictionary  (Two Volumes)

English-English-Gujarati &Gujaratii-Gujarati--English: Supreme Combined Dictionary (Two Volumes)

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Author: L R Gala
Compilor: L R Gala
Publisher: Navneet Publications
Year: 2003
Language: multilingual
Pages: 1981
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0-88431-053-1


The utility of English as one of the world's richest and most widely used language has been recognizes by all educated persons. This dictionary is intended to cater to the needs of various categories of learners and readers. Feeling the need of the Gujarati-knowing people all over the world for an all-inclusive dictionary which would meet with their various requirements pertaining both the languages-English as well as Gujarati- this dictionary has been brought out as Supreme Combined Dictionary in two volumes.

This dictionary serves three purposes: (1) It provides about 1,15,000 English words with their possible meanings in English and Gujarati so that the reader can usefully select the meaning that suits the context in his reading. (2) It provides a rich and lively selection of useful Gujarati words with their different meanings, thereby fulfilling the need of a good Gujarati dictionary. (3) It provides English equivalents of all the different meanings of Gujarati words enabling the reader thereby to select the correct English equivalent for the meaning he wants to learn or convey.

In addition to the above, about 150 pages in the English-Gujarati part and 20 pages in the Gujarati-English part have been provided as appendices for useful knowledge and information.

This volume will be useful to every educated person interested in cultivating his efficiency in both the languages.


Main Dictionary
Common Abbreviations
Words and Phrases from other Languages
Common Suffixes
Common Prefixes
Terminology in Law
Terminology in Mathematics
(i) Algebra and General
(ii) Geometry
(iii) Trigonomet