The Sikhs in Canada - Migration, Race, Class, and Gender

The Sikhs in Canada - Migration, Race, Class, and Gender

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Author: Gurcharn S Basran
B Singh Bolaria/
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 222
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0195648862


The passage of Sikhs from India to Canada and their locating in the Canadian mosaic constitutes an interesting subject for sociological analysis. This book deals with the migratory patterns and characteristics of Sikh immigrants to Canada, the trials and tribulations faced by them, and their professional and social status in a foreign land.

This volume discusses the self-perception of the Sikhs as an oppressed minority community in India. It analyses their desire to create a space for themselves -politically, economically, and geographically-to safeguard their religious, cultural, and linguistic rights. The authors focus on the historical and contemporary plight of the Sikhs in Punjab, from where most of the Sikhs immigrated, and links it with the formation and politics of the Sikh community in Canada.

The authors go on to discuss the Canadian immigration policy in general and the policies specific to immigration from India. The current socio-economic status of the Sikh immigrants and the participation of Sikh immigrant workers in the Canadian labour force is another vital issue of concern. Racism, racial discrimination, and racist labour policies at the workplace resulted in exploitation of early Sikh workers. The authors recount instances of political activism and anti-colonial and anti-racist activities of pioneer immigrants.

The nature and formation of social and cultural institutions of immigrants are influenced to a great extent by the Canadian immigration policy which had a deep impact on the formation and development of Sikh families and conjugal life in Canada. The book covers race, class, and gender issues as they relate to the status of the Sikhs in Canada.

This book will be of interest to students and scholars of sociology, anthropology, politics, and history.


Introduction: Increasing Diversity in the Canadian Mosaic

Sikhs and Sikhism: The Khalsa Panth

State, Religion, Language and Politics

Migration, Labour and Racism

From India to Canada: Immigration Policy and Migration Patterns

Colonialism an