Himalayan Foothills  (Music CD) - Instrumental

Himalayan Foothills (Music CD) - Instrumental

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Author: Eminent Artistes
Artiste: Ronu Majumdar/Tarun Bhattacharya/Nayen Ghosh
Publisher: Sagarika
Year: 06/2002
Language: Hindi
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): S500114 DDD


This Music CD - a combination of Flute, Santoor and Sitar - is designed to give a feeling of the folk music of the North Eastern Himalayas.

The Flute (Bansuri) is considered to be the most ancient and natural musical instrument. The idea of fashioning this instrument occurred while listening to the sweet notes generated by blowing of wind through the holes carved on the Bamboo sticks by pests and insects. For centuries together the flute was the principal pastoral instrument. The flute is an integral part of Indian music & mythology. From the mythological stories of Lord Krishna the flute has always been associated with nature. It is also synonomous with the mountains and the valley.

The santoor is an ancient Indian instrument and has references in Sanskrit texts and literature as the shatatantri veena or the hundred stringed instrument which is not be plucked with a bow but played with a wooden striker. The soft streams of the Santoor give a feeling of ripples of water, or a flowing steam. Sounds of the Santoor bring out the deep connection between music, nature & mankind. For ages, the Santoor has been used in the Valley of Kashmir as a folk instrument.
The Sitar is one of the most celebrates string instrument in the World from pure classical forms to being a part of international music be it Jazz or Pop, the sound of the Sitar is versatile and very close to the heart.

Nature has showered its riches on all these 3 instruments & together they create an atmosphere of snow clad mountains, flowing streams, flower filled meadows, scenic landscapes coupled with a feel of folk music of the North Eastern Himalayan region. In this album the artistes have combined the three instruments to give a feeling of the folk music of the North Eastern Himalayas.

The CDs features following tracks:

Composed by - Pt Ronu Majumdar

Composed by - Pt Tarun Bhattacharya

Composed by - Pt Ronu Majumdar

Composed by - Pt Nayen Ghosh