True wisdom Described in the Qur'an

True wisdom Described in the Qur'an

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Author: Harun Yahya
Publisher: Goodword books
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 122
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178983087


What are the circumstances that bring about wisdom?, Can wisdom increase or decrease?, Can there be factors that cloud reasoning? And If so, can they be eliminated?

Questions such as these and questions which most people will probably learn the real answers to for the first time, are answered in this book.

The book discusses wisdom as opposed to lack of wisdom, and the gains those who use their reason will enjoy compared to the losses those who do not use their reason will suffer. A wise person is someone who best appreciates the blessings he is given, who takes most pleasure from them, and who experiences and feels the highest levels of joy, love, friendship, loyalty and good character. The way to wisdom is open to everyone; but it must also be kept in mind that Allah bestows wisdom only on those who sincerely believe in Him.

This book, as expressed in Sutra al-Muzzammil, verse 19: Let him who will take the right path to his Lord, aims to open up a path for those who wish to draw near to Allah, comprehend His greatness, live by the morals of the Quran, and benefit from the blessings of our minds.



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