Ethnicity, Identity and The State in South Asia

Ethnicity, Identity and The State in South Asia

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Author: Kousar J Azam
Editor(s): Kousar J Azam
Publisher: South Asia Publishers
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 345
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170032563


This book is a collection of papers presented at an international conference on Ethnicity, Identity and the State in South Asia at the IACIS/ASRC. The essays attempt review of the phenomenon of Ethnicity in the wake of the emerging confluence between the local and the global after globalization.

To what extent the earlier discourses and paradigms of defining Ethnicity remain valid in an environment that has been overtaken by a blurring of distinctions between the concepts of race, ethnicity and identity, remains the focus of several of these essays. Linking these concepts to the role and the capacity of the State to manage the ethnic politics the essays deal with the phenomenon of Ethnicity from fresh perspectives and have diverse opinions and solutions.

The book is divided into three Sections. The first Section provides a theoretical perspective including an analysis of policies that generate, and sustain manifestations of Ethnicity. The second Section provides an analysis of the problem in Nepal, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. The next Section deals with the Indian experience with several essays on India's North East.

A welcome addition to the existing resources, the volume provides insights into a problem that has eluded effective solutions and will continue to engage the attention of serious scholars and policy makers in South Asia.




SECTION I - Theoretical Perspectives

- Ethnicity, Identity and State in South Asia - An Overview
- Politics of Ethnicity and Regionalism and the State in India
- Policy-Making and Connections to Violence : A Case Study of India

SECTION II - Ethnicity in South Asia: Some Case Studies

- Ethnicity in Nepal: Its Regional Implications
- Rohingyas of Myanmar: The Identity Crisis and its implications for Myanmar, Bangladesh and India
- Responses of the State towards the Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka
- The Rise of New Sinhala Nationalism
- Emergence of Tamil Ethnicity in Sri Lanka: Role of the State

SECTION III - Ethnicity, Identity and State in India

- India and its North East: The Challenges of Regionalism and Migration
- Ethnic Politics in Northeast India: Understanding Elite Conflict and Political Mobilization
- Identity Claims: Paradox of Recognition and Redistribution in North-East India
- The Outsider, The State and Nations from Below North East India as a subject of exclusion
- Big State-Small Nations: The Experience of Ethnic Nags in Colonial and Postcolonial India
- Postcolonial Discursive Structures and Identity Formation in India: Evidence from Jharkhand
- Ethnicity, Interaction and Modes of conflict: A Case Profile of the Koya Tribal and the Bengali Refugee Settlers in Maklangiri (Orissa)
- Building a Better Bharat for the Billion - Revival of All-India Identity