Hindi Short Stories

Hindi Short Stories

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Author: Shrawan Kumar
Translator(s): Shrawan Kumar / Prabhakar Machwe
Publisher: Jaico
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 156
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172249578


The growth of the short story in Hindi has been phenomenal, so much so that any one who knew it in early stages towards the turn of the 19th century would find it hard to recognize it today. Twenty-one stories included in this collection were selected on the criterion that these have been much discussed in literary circles, or having an inherent appeal, intellectual or emotional, or having something significant to say.

To prepare a representative collection of short stories by different writers, even if of a single genre, in a given language, would be to anybody a challenge. It is all the more difficult in a language like Hindi which is a major language of the country and is so widely spoken and written in by such a rich crop of writers, that what is representative to one could be dismissed as trite by another. Hence the adopted criterion in this selection is of a story having been much-discussed in literary circles or having an inherent appeal, intellectual or emotional, or having something significant to say.


Hindi Stories as it is

The Shark , Jayashankar Prasad
The Prize, Jainendra Kumar
The Earth Still Revolves, Vishnu Prabhakar
The Encircling Void, Mohan Singh Sengar
Disgust, Prabhakar Machwe
The Dog a Minister, Rajendra Sharma
The Possessed, Shyam Parmar
The Co-Professionals, Satyendra Sharat
The Burning House, Rajkamal Chaudhari
The Lift, Maheep Singh
The Storm, Shrawan Kumar
Lost Directions, Kamaleshwar
Paper Flowers, Usha Priyamvada
This is Impossible, Himanshu Joshi
Two Men of Different Sizes, Giriraj Kishore
Corpses, Kamtanath
Kingkong Commits Harakiri, Premlata Varma
Beyond the level-Crossing, Ramkumar Bhramar
The Den, Ramesh Upadhyaya
No Shoulder to Cry on, Sunita
The Wet Cat, Keshav Gopal Nigan