India in the World Economy - Unfinished Business

India in the World Economy - Unfinished Business

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Author: Deepak Lal
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 293
ISBN/UPC (if available): 019565501X


In this collection of essays, Deepak Lal, one of the World's leading development economists, examines issues related to India's economic policy from the classical liberal point of view. The volume explores various economic, political, and cultural aspects of India's continuing integration into the world economy.

Illustrating how a century of looking inward has thwarted efforts at development and poverty alleviation, Lal reiterates the supremacy of the market over state controls and makes a strong case for liberalization.

The writings offers alternative viewpoints on various issues of current debate such as macro policies, privatization, anti-poverty strategies, health care and the role of the communications revolution. The book also features an insightful analysis of the environmental movement which is increasingly gaining prominence. In each case, Lal identifies the relevant issues, critically examines them, and goes on to demolish conventional notions.

This book with its wide coverage makes interesting reading for the general reader, apart from academics, journalists, policy-makers, civil servants, politicians, and students of development economics.


Lal reminds us that throwing money at poverty and social agendas is not a panacea, and that an intelligent use of markets is often the best answer. Lal stimulates, even provokes, but never disappoints the inquisitive reader.
= Jagdish Bhagwati, Times Literary Supplement


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Economic Growth in India
The World Economy at the End of the Millennium
India And China: Contrasts in Economic Liberalization?
Participation Markets, and Democracy
>From Planning to Regulation: Towards a New Dirigisme?
Economic Reforms and Poverty Alleviation
The Role of the Public and Private Sectors in Health Financing
Arms and the Man: Costs and Benefits of Nuclear Weapons
Foreign Aid: An Idea Whose Time has Gone
The Communications Revolution, Transactions Costs, and Economic Performance