Pakistan at the Crossroads

Pakistan at the Crossroads

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Author: Eminent Contributors
Editor(s): K K Nayyar
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 415
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8129102277


This study of Pakistan aims to assess its future options in the context of its relations with India. It evaluates its road map in the areas of foreign relations, domestic situation, terrorism, economy, nuclear power and the Armed Forces.

Pakistan's foreign policy has been examined from its inception with regard to its objectives and major actors who contributed to its formulation. ^his provided an insight into the present trends. The Agra Summit was derailed by Pakistan's obsessive attitude with J&K. Post 9/11, the entire strategic scenario of the region altered. Suddenly Pakistan realized that terrorism was no longer a viable option. Overnight, it gave up its own creation, the Taliban and joined the US led coalition in the war against terrorism. While this helped to remove Pakistan's isolation in the short term, we war in Afghanistan resulted in wiping out the Taliban and with it finished the Pakistani dream of 'strategic depth' in Afghanistan.

The internal politics shows how progressively the Islamization of Pakistan took place and with it the destruction of democracy. The role and grip of the Army and ISI over political apparatus culminated in the rise of Jihadi fundamentalism and terrorism. So great has been the power of the Pakistani army, that it initiated the Kargil misadventure, because the Lahore Declaration that could pave the way for friendly relations, was unacceptable to it. The essays on the Pakistani Army, Navy and Air Force trace their evolution from a historical perspective; examine their strategy in previous wars and future conflict, as well as their likely shape and size in the years ahead.

Pakistan's economy has been examined with its inherent strength and weaknesses. Despite the windfall due to aligning itself with the US, essentially the basic parameters of Pakistan's economy have continued to deteriorate due to lack of absorptive capacity, infrastructure and governance. Pakistan's quest for nuclear weapons has been well documented in the book.

The setting up of PINSTECH and its development is comprehensively dealt with followed by Kundian, Chasma and Kahuta. From the plutonium route to enriched uranium, the nuclear road winds itself with the aid from China.

The proxy war unleashed by Pakistan in J &K has been the brainchild of the Pakistan Army that has failed to occupy Kashmir despite many wars throughout the troubled history of the subcontinent. Notwithstanding some perfunctory measures taken to distance itself from jihadi elements under American pressure post 9/11, only time will tell whether there has been a fundamental shift in Pakistani mindset. The book provides a bird's eye view of Pakistan as a nation, "living on edge".



Pakistan's Unending Search for a Viable Foreign Policy

The Internal Political Dynamics of Pakistan

The Pakistan Economy: Challenges and Opportunities

The Road to Chagai

The Evolution of the Pakistani Army and the
Likely Military Strategy against India from 2002 to 2010

The Pakistani Navy - Force level Options

The Pakistani Air Force - An Assessment

Pak-Sponsored Terrorism

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