World's Most Popular Folk Tales   (ILLUSTRATED)

World's Most Popular Folk Tales (ILLUSTRATED)

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Author: Chitra Garg
Translator(s): Igen B
Publisher: Manoj Publications
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 192
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


A prize collection of world’s most popular folk tales that mirror the cultures and colors of different lands.

The Folk tales and Folklore are the true mirrors of a land’s civilization, culture, customs and tradition. And the beauty is that they tech very simple and basic universal values of truth, moral character, dutifulness, love, compassion and the brotherhood of all humans. The grassroots level texture of the stories is really endearing.

In this collection, we have compiled only the best and educative moral tales. They entertain, teach and kindle into the children a new realization of the world they are pat of. The tales introduce children to the civilizations and the cultures of the far off countries and to the diversity of their own country to embellish their general knowledge. Another step further towards making them the brilliant ones.

Every society has a treasure of folk tales. Selecting 51 stories from tens of thousands of stories was no easy task. Finally, the stories having the best ingredients of entertainment and educative values were selected. A great effort has been made to keep the language and the narrative simple and easy to make this book enjoyable for every age group besides young readers.


The Punishment for Stealing
The Jack-Fruit
Endless Desires
Leaves for Trees
The Result of Bragging
The Smart Act
The Velvet Slippers
The World of Fools
The Hardworking Girl
Clever Boy
The Jealousy
The Big Mouth
Love for Love
The Magic Grain
Tit For Tat
Spoon Soup
The Big Talk
The Day of Wonders
Father’s Lesson
Endless Needs
Ninety-Nine Tricks
Strange Way
Reward for Good Deed
Reap What You Sow
Poor Prince
Work for Nothing
Sunny Days – Rainy Days
The Faithful Dog
Meran Miser
Mr. Thirty Knock-Outs
Patchy Shoes
Change of Heart
The Flute Tune
Test of Intelligence
Ugly Frog
Magic of Kite
The Notorious Cheat
Getting Rid of Trouble
Tom-tom Said It
The Biggest Fool
The Reward of Compassion
Magic of Flute
The Fate
Rupali and Sorcerer
The Trader
The Clever Guess
Small Thing