The Story of My Heart

The Story of My Heart

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Author: Richard Jefferies
Publisher: Viveka Foundation
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 126
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188251143


This is a vital book, which has to be read as a whole, experienced; it cannot be summarized. It is not an autobiography in the ordinary sense of the word, as it contains no history of the events of Richard Jefferies' life. It is an outpouring of Jefferies' innermost soul. Like many others, he found himself at odds with the world.

It is not concerned with his birth or marriage, his actions or fortunes...He saw the beauty of the land, the grandeur of the sea, the interest of life-above all of human life-but he was not satisfied. He longed for more beauty, a fuller grandeur, a deepened interest. This feeling completely mastered him, and in The Story of My Heart he poured out with what strength and what skill he possessed the intensity of his longing. -From the Preface by C J Longman, Jefferies friend and publisher.

We are delighted to bring this visionary autobiography, which has inspired and illuminated thousands of people since its original publication in 1883.