The Currency of Tibet

The Currency of Tibet

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Author: Wolfgang Bertsch
Publisher: Library of Tibetan Works & Archives
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 158
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186470328


This bibliographical compilation, based on Hellrigl, Wolfgang and Gabrisch, Karl: "Tibet. A Philatelic and Numismatic Bibvliography" presents a selection of existing publications on the history of Tibetan currency including bordering areas to the west and south of Tibet.

Compiling bibliographies is hardly anybody’s favourite occupation and if the work with bibliographies was more exciting and less time consuming we certainly would have many more specialized bibliographic compilations.which are a necessary tool for students and scholars whenever they want to embark on studies in a certain field which hitherto has not been their speciality.

A serious bibliographer will always strive for completeness, but the result which he presents will unfortunately be nothing more than a selective bibliography, as nobody can claim to have access to every publication worldwide in the field which forms the subject of his specialized bibliography. Hence I am quite aware that also the present sourcebook cannot present more than a selection of existing publication on the history of Tibetan currency (including bordering areas to the west and south of Tibet).

The nucleus of the present bibliographical compilation is the following publication: Hellrigl, Wolfgang and Gabrisch, Karl: Tibet. A Philatelic and Numismatic Bibliography. Santa Monica 1983.


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Literature in Western Language on Coins
Coins (Unpublished Material)
The Coinage of the HIS HSIA Empire (Publications in Western Languages)
Medals and Militaria
Unpublished Material on Militaria
Paper Money
Paper Money (Unpublished Material)
Primitive Money (Currency other than Coins and Paper Money)
Selection of Auction and Sales Catalogues (Coins and Primitive Money)
Auction Catalogues (Paper Money)
Numismatic and General Bibliographies
Chinese Language Publications on Coins and Related Subjects
Chinese Language Publications on Paper Money and Related Items
Chinese Publications on the Coinage of the XI XIA (HIS HSIA)
Tibetan Language Publications
Bordering Areas to the South of Tibet
Ladakh and Garhwal
Other Areas