Discrimination with Reason ? The Policy of Reservations in the United States, India and Malaysia

Discrimination with Reason ? The Policy of Reservations in the United States, India and Malaysia

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Author: Devanesan Nesiah
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 344
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0195639839


This work is an inter-country study of affirmative action. It is multi-disciplinary both in its analytical approach and substantive focus, bringing together the fields of public policy, law, education, sociology, and history.

The book evaluates the theoretical aspects as well as the practical implementation of the policy of positive discrimination.

Reservation policies have been the subject of heated debate wherever they have operated. Various schemes for reverse discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, or geographical location have been in force in a number of developing countries, and have evolved in response to certain socio-political problems arising from persistent disparities and a history of discrimination and marginalization.

Affirmative Action in the USA, Protective Discrimination in India, Bumiputra Preferences in Malaysia involve reverse discrimination designed to compensate for existing inequalities. The author asks whether such policies are in fact sound and accomplish the ends they are designed to fulfill.


An extensively researched, thought provoking book on a very basic issue that is inherent in every society: discrimination.

- Free Press Journal

A singular merit of this book is most of the arguments are fleshed out from court cases and are further attested by empirical data. Nesiah points out what is perhaps the most devastating criticism of affirmative policies in India . . A compelling read for specialists, policy makers and the curious lay person.

- The Telegraph




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