Learn to Play on Guitar - Electric, Hawaiin and Spanish

Learn to Play on Guitar - Electric, Hawaiin and Spanish

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Author: Ram Avtar Vir
Publisher: Pankaj Publications
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 64
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187155159


In this book the tuning of Guitars, method of handling, description of organs and easy method of playing chords with illustrations and photographs has been explained well. This book will guide the Guitar lovers to play in an easy and joyous way.

Besides the formula of making chords, the book also gives chord numbers and some with proper notations. Playing of grace notes and Sargamas etc. are also given in simple way.

The Spanish Guitar was introduced on the establishment of British rule in India. The English musicians used to play Guitar in Orchestra at the time of singing and dancing. The Indian young generation received the knowledge of Spanish Guitar through English Schools. Though the Spanish Guitar was used only for playing chords, it lacks to produce complete tune of any song but even then this instrument was used to balance the rhythm. An enchanting sweetness is produced if chords are played in proper rhythm and it gives great pleasure to the audience.

The harmony and rhythm play the prominent role in English orchestra and they are considered to be the base of singing and dancing. In foreign music the time movement is limited by two beats time, three beats time, and four beats time. The Spanish Guitar is light and attractive instrument. It is played with plastic piece and chords are played with an application of pressure of fingers over the strings.

In 1877 the Spanish Guitar was reshaped into Hawaiin Guitar by giving it a steel belley and steel strings in place of guts to produce notes. The use of Electric appliances to Hawaiin Guitar has made it more attractive. Now a special Electric Guitar in new style came in practice.

In reality this nerw electric Guitar is a modified mini form of Vichitra Vbeena which, is a prominent instrument in Indian Classical music with some differences.


Parts of Spanish Guitar
Holding of Spanish Guitar
Tuning of Spanish Guitar
Method of Building Chords
Method of Playing Spanish Guitar
Playing Songs on Spanish Guitar
Foreign Notation System
Electric Guitar
Parts of Electric Guitar
Holding of Electric Guitar
Tuning of Electric Guitar (Foreign System)
Tuning of Electric Guitar (Indian System for Light Music)
Tuning of Electric Guitar (Indian System for Classical Music)
Brief Outlines of Indian Music Theory
Tal & Lay (Time & Rhythm)
Steel Rod Finger Picks and Thumb Pick
The Grace notes and their use
Combined Notation System
Film Songs and Notations