Bauls: The Singing Mystics     (A Set of 2 Books)

Bauls: The Singing Mystics (A Set of 2 Books)

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Author: Osho
Editor(s): Ma Yoga Sudha
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2005-06-01
Language: English
Pages: 288
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171822754/ 7365


Throughout his spontaneous talks, Osho stresses that to reach reality, God, enlightenment, nirvana , every person must find his own unique avenue of approach. This set of 2 books records his lectures wherein Osho responds to seeker's questions on everything from politics to the pitfalls on the spiritual growth.

Bauls: The Singing Mystics

The Baul believes in the Sahaja Manush, the spontaneous man. The Baul says the spontaneous man is the way to the essential man. The Baul lives in tremendous gratitude. He sings and dances—that is his prayer. He cries. He simply wonders shy, for what has life been given to him, for what has he been allowed to see the rainbows in the sky, for what has he been allowed to see flowers, butterflies, people, rivers and rocks? For What? Because life is so obvious you tend to forget the tremendous gift hidden in it.

Life is a gift. It has been given to you for no reason at all. You cannot have earned it, because how can you earn it if you were not? Life is a gift, but we go on forgetting it, we are not even thankful. We don’t have any gratitude. We certainly complain for a thousand and one things which we may think we are missing in life. But we never feel grateful for life itself.

It has been given to you because God has so much to give, not because you have earned it.

A Taste of the Divine

If the energy reaches the seventh center, that is the point where one becomes awakened. The energy has come to the highest peak of evolution. Then that person is pure charisma.

Whatever he touches becomes gold.
Wherever he sits becomes a holy place.
Whatever he says becomes scripture.

His actions take on a tremendous beauty. His inactions also open doors to the miraculous. He speaks the truth and even when his is silent, his silence also speaks. Those who can understand the language of silence rejoice, are blissful, know perfectly well that this is the man they have been searching for centuries, for many lives.

Just to sit at his feet is enough, because he’s showering his energy whether anybody is there or not. If you are receptive, open, available, just being close to a charismatic person is the taste of religion

I am calling it taste; I am not calling it understand, I am not calling it knowledge. It is actually a taste. Your whole being feels it. Each fiber feels it-A nourishment, a nourishment which is divine.


Bauls: The Singing Mystics

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