Folk Tales of Tibet

Folk Tales of Tibet

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Author: Norbu Chophel
Publisher: Library of Tibetan Works & Archives
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 170
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185102260


Translated directly from oral narration into English by a Tibetan, this edition of Tibetan Folk Tales will serve a very significant purpose of introducing the readers to the fascinating world of Tibetan folk culture.

Folk Tales occupy an important place in Tibetan literature and often enrich the genre with their flavor and originality. But folk tales have remained unwritten and unrecorded. As such these fascinating tales have remained stored in the memories and were transmitted orally from generation to generation. In the process, a folk tale undergoes numerous changes, both gaining and losing a lot of their flavor.

They are delightful nevertheless and never cease to surprise us with their store of princesses and witches: dogs and demons and frogs and mirgos intermingled in an innocently evil world of their won. It is only in exile that Tibetans have taken up the important work of recording and documenting the many facets of Tibetan civilization, including the folk tales.


Publisher’s Note
The Three Sisters
The Song of the Little Dog
The Adventures of a Minister’s Son
The Witch Karma Norzom
The Witch Mother
The Boy Who Laughed in His Sleep
The Witch and Her Son
The Thief Who Could Steal Man
Nun Gyurme Saldon’s Son
The Hoopoe Family
The Dog Skin King
The Meditator and the Thief
The Scheming Sparrow
The Adventures of Seven Sheep
The Old Couple and their Three Sons
The Fortune of an Old Shepherd
A Witty Bride for Lonpo Gar’s Son
Ribong Shoto (Cleft-lipped Hare)
King Kyaga Gyalpo
The Frog Who Married the Princess
Sha-pho-pho and Tsil-lug-lug (Meaty & Fatty)
The Old Ogre
The Ordeals of a Prince and a Princess
The Thief and the Swindler
The Frog and the Princess
The Mute Girl
The Stone Lion that Opened its Mouth
The Story of a Magic Treasure