Tibetan Medicine  And Other Holistic Health-Care Systems

Tibetan Medicine And Other Holistic Health-Care Systems

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Author: Tom Dummer
Publisher: Paljor Publications
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 308
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186230033


Western interest in eastern forms of medicine such as acupuncture is widespread and growing - yet little attention has so far been given to Tibetan medicine. This book describes its concepts and practice in a non-traditional way, thus making it more readily accessible to the western mind.

Tom Dummer writes from first-hand experience of observing notable Tibetan doctors at work in their practices and receiving instruction from them, to give a comprehensive account of their country's medicine. This he assesses both in terms of the Tibetan tradition of Buddhism of which he is a follower and with the clinical insight of a practicing osteopath of many years standing. Beginning with an explanation of the basic elements of Tibetan medicine he describes the relevance of certain Buddhist concepts; the Tibetan analysis of bodily functions; concepts of health and susceptibility to disease and methods of diagnosis and treatment.

In the second part of the book he analyses the similarities between Tibetan and Western holistic medicine and shows how they may be practiced in conjunction with each other. He considers different, specific areas of medicine, including the use of occidental herbal medicine and homoeopathy within a context of Tibetan medicine; the similarities between contemporary osteopathy and Tibetan massage; based on theories of spinal centers and reflexes; and the use of Tibetan medical philosophy and Buddhadharma as basic for counseling therapy.


Foreword by His Holiness the 14 the Dalai Lama of Tibet



List of Tables and figures

Vows of a Tibetan Doctor


PART ONE: Traditional Tibetan Medicine

Tibetan Medical Philosophy

Buddhist Tantra, Cosmology and Symbolism Relevant to Tibetan Medicine

The Tibetan Medical Philosophy of Health



Mind and Metal Disorders

Ecology and Tibetan Medicine

Introduction to Treatment

Behavioural Therapy


PART TWO: Relating Tibetan Medicine to Western holistic Systems of Medicine

Introduction to Relating Tibetan and Western Holistic Medicine

Western Herbal Medicine


Osteopathy I

Osteopathy II

Osteopathy III

Psychological Counseling with Buddha
Dharma and Tibetan Medical Philosophy as a Basis

Practising Tibetan Medicine in Conjunction with Western Scientific Medicine

Self-Help through Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy and Medicine

Conclusions and Perspective for the Future

Appendix 1: Technical Data for Health Professionals

Appendix 2: General Information