Legend of the Phoenix and Other Stories from Vietnam

Legend of the Phoenix and Other Stories from Vietnam

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Author: Ho Anh Thai
Publisher: National Book Trust
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 182
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8123712766


Vietnam is a phoenix. It’s a land of poets and patriots. The stories in this collection throw up images of a fascinating people - their relationships, their encounter with socialism and their new urban life. This collection would leave the reader longing for the fragrance of a vibrant Asian land.

Ninh suddenly recalled an Indian legend he had read long before. It’s about the old and dying phoenix which flies up to a cliff where it makes a nest with twigs and anise gum. At sunset, the bird dies and turns into ashes. From the ashes, a silvery worm appears. When spring comes the worm transmutes into a young phoenix much more gorgeous and vigorous than its progenitor.

Vietnam is one such phoenix. Twenty-five odd years back it was synonymous with the dream of a humane world, free of overarching exploitative structures.




The Traffic Policeman at a Crossroads

Ut Mien

The Man Who Pissed on His Own Soul

The Special Dish of Half-Done Goat Meat

The Story of a Folk Painter

The Gorge of Lost Souls

The Gift

The General Retires

Two Old Men in the Plain of Reeds

Ly Son, The Garlic Harvest

Tony D

Legend of the Phoenix