The Garden of Kama and Other Love Lyrics from India

The Garden of Kama and Other Love Lyrics from India

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Author: Laurence Hope
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 160
ISBN/UPC (if available): 812910041X


Kama, the Indian God of Love, has given wings to the fantasy of many writers and poets over the ages. The son of Vishnu and Lakshmi, he has been regarded at places as the God of Desire, of good in general. He is, however, also the God of Sexual Love, like Eros of the Greeks, and Cupid of the Latins.

In the latter aspect he is thus addressed: May Kama, having well directed the arrow, which is winged with pain, barbed with longing, and has desire for its shaft, pierce thee in the heart.

The real magnanimity of His appeal, however, can be felt in the poetry of Laurence Hope, a British poetess of the 20th century, who captured in her lyrics the beauty, pain, urgency and piety of love in its many forms.

Close to being wrongly termed as erotic, it evokes an understanding of the desire and passion felt by a longing lover for his/ her beloved. The Garden of Kama is a collection of such love poetry that is marked by the abundance of the feeling of sheer love and excellence in its portrayal and expression.


Less than the Dust
To the Unattainable
In the Early, Pearly Morning; Song by Valgovind
Reverie of Mahomed Akram at the Tamarind Tank
Song of Khan Zada
The Teak Forest
Valgovind's Boat Song
Kashmiri Song by Juma
Zira: in Captivity
Marriage Thoughts: by Morsellin Khan
To the Unattainable: Lament of Mahomed Akram
Mahomed Akram's Appeal to the Stars
Reminiscence of Mahomed Akram
Story by Lalla-ji, the Priest
When Love is Over: Song of Khan Zada
Story of Udaipore:Told by Lalla-ji, the Priest
Valgoving's Song in the Spring
Golden Eyes
Kotri, by the River
Afridi Love
Ojira, to Her Lover
Thoughts: Mahomed Akram
The Aloe
The first Lover
Khan Zada's Song on the Hillside
Deserted Gipsy's Song: Hillside Camp
The Plains
Lost Delight: After the Hazara War
Song of Faiz Ulla
Story of Lilavanti
The Garden by the Bridge
Fate Knows no Tears
Verses: Faiz Ulla
Two Songs by Sitara, of Kashmir
Second Song: The Girl from Baltistan
Palm Trees by the Sea
Song by Gulbaz
Kashmiri Song
Reverie of Ormuz the Persian
Three Songs of Zahir-u-Din
Second Song
Third Song, written during Fever
The Regret of the Ranee in the Hall of peacocks
Protest: by Zahi-u-din
Famine song
thw windwo overslooking the Harbour
Back to the Border
Reverie: Zahir-u-din
Sea Song
To the Hills!
Till I Wake
His Rubies: Told by Valgovind
Song of Taj Mahomed
The Garden of Kama: Kama The Indian Eros
Camp Follower's song, Gomal River
Song of the Colours: by Taj Mahomed
Lalila,to the Ferengi Lover
Love Lightly
On the City Wall
No Rival like the Past
Verse by Taj Mahomed
Lines by Taj Mahomed
There is no Breeze to Cool the heat of Love
Malay Song
The Temple Dancing Girl
Hirah-Singh's Farewell to Burmah
Sampan Song
Song of the Devoted Slave
The Singer
This Month the Almonds bloom at Kandahar