How to Attain Eternal Happiness  (622)

How to Attain Eternal Happiness (622)

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Author: Hanuman Prasad Poddar
Publisher: Gita Press
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 153
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8129300508


This is valuable collection of a few articles written by Nityalilalina Poojya Sri Hanumanprasadji Poddar, the founder-editor of the ‘Kalyan’. The articles first appeared in the Kalyan and they were rendered into English by a devoted associate of Sri Poddarji, the late Pt. Sri Chimmanlalji Goswami, the editor of the ‘Kalyan-Kalpataru’, and English magazine published by the Gita Press.

Eternal happiness is a misnomer in worldly parlance. In fact the world itself and all that it comprises is ephemeral and transient. Rather, according to savants like the great Sankaracharya it is not transient, but non-existent; its existence in only illusory.
God alone is eternal, who is described as Sachchidananda-swarupa-the embodiment of Sat (existence), Chit (Knowledge) and Ananda (Bliss). Bliss is happiness. In this wise eternal happiness is synonymous with Godhead. The attainment of eternal happiness is tantamount to God-Realization.

Sri Poddarji was an achieved soul of the highest order. He attained eternal happiness and lived in i. He did not shut himself up with his enlightenment in an ivory-tower, but sought to shed the light of his attainment around him for the benefit of all.

We are confident that all seekers of real happiness and travelers on the path of true spirituality would find these writings immensely helpful and valuable.


1. The summum bonum of human life
2. Supreme consummation of human living
3. Your supreme goal
4. There exists nothing other than God
5. Wisdom lies in accepting the existence of God
6. Keep yourself established in the spirit
7. Worship the Lord according to your own conception.
8. Supremacy of God-love
9. The intrinsic beauty of unalloyed love
10. Realize your true self and make human life fruitful
11. Ultimate object of human endeavour is only to become happy
12. Pathway to eternal happiness
13. Who is really beautiful and charming?
14. Idea life: a fount of happiness
15. You are, what you think
16. True purpose of your belongings
17. Dispassion leads to happiness
18. Beatitude lies in self-abnegation
19. Cultivate contentment: An effective source of supreme happiness
20. Avert your face from luxuries to secure real happiness
21. Greed of wealth: A curse to human life
22. Cultivate genuine meekness: An abode of serenity
23. Let your words be flowers not thorns
24. To think of harming anyone is to harm ourselfves
25. Convert a foe into a friend by your goodwill
26. Eschew pride: Cherish humility
27. Success woos him alone who depends on Divine grace
28. Expectation: The cause of distress
29. Glorying in your opulence before the destitute is a crime
30. Craving for sense-enjoyment engenders hapless life.
31. Faith and reverence make a man’s life your miseries
32. Realize the indubitable fact which ends your miseries.
33. Good company yields happy living
34. Adhere to noble pursuits for happy life
35. Gratify all and be happy.
36. Make work worship
37. Noble propensities entail blessed life
38. Sorrow: A certitude of self-centredness
39. Accept the inevitable and rid yourself of all worries.
40. Realize the true nature of sensuous enjoyment
41. Be a true actor
42. Turn towards god to become supremely happy.
43. All bestowing Lord stands by God
44. Always experience the grace of God.
45. Identify with the omnipresent and bring happiness to all
46. Play your role to please the Lord
47. You are very dear to Him indeed.
48. See God’s hand in every action and be happy.
49. Adversity: An indication of God’s supreme benevolence.
50. Serve Him with whatever you have.
51. Dedicate your all to God’s service
52. Ethics of service and a true servant.
53. Shun showiness and secure the pleasure of the Lord
54. Be a devotee, not a slave of worldly enjoyments
55. Who is a real saint?
56. Why fear death?
57. It is not yet too late?
58. Undaunted march ahead.