The Idea of Natural Inequality and Other Essays

The Idea of Natural Inequality and Other Essays

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Author: Andre Beteille
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 257
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0195662598


The essays in this volume examine various aspects of inequality in a comparative perspective with special reference to contemporary India. They deal with different forms and dimensions of inequality and with alternative conceptions of equality.

The essays are based on lectures delivered in universities and other institutions as far apart as Bombay, Cambridge, Sydney, and London.


This stimulating collection has several salutary lessons for practicing social scientist. The author combines analytical rigor with prose that is drawn from the language of everyday life.
-Indian Economic and Social History Review

Professor Beteille has range widely across the disciplines of history, philosophy, and law.
-Michael Banton, Man

A remarkable contribution to sorting, out the difficulties and the complexities involved in a delicate and problematic area.
-Social Action

A formidable body of work on inequality…it is addressed to the general reader as well as to the specialist who is willing to set aside the well guarded frontiers of his own discipline.
-The Book Review




The Idea of Natural Inequality

Homo Hierarchicus, Homo Equalis

Harmonic and Disharmonic Social Systems

The Backward Classes and the New Social Order

The Pursuit of Equality and the Indian University

Equality of Opportunity

Individualism and the Persistence of Collective Identities

Equality of Opportunity and the Equal Distribution of Benefits