Framed - Trumped Up As An Indian Spy

Framed - Trumped Up As An Indian Spy

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Author: Muhammad Akram Khan
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 226
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9698613005


This memoir is a near-unbelievable account of a former Army officer who was accused and convicted on the charge of being an Indian Spy. He providentially escaped from being sent to the gallows at the last minute when his death sentence was changed to life imprisonment under a presidential order.

The story that the former Major narrates of his humiliation and suffering is almost an echo of the infamous Dreyfus Trial in France, towards the end of the nineteenth century, immortalized by the renowned French author Emile Zola.

Framed has all the ingredients of crime fiction-forged documents, trials, physical torture, forced confessions, etc.-but Framed is not fiction! Major Akram swears to the veracity of every word that he has penned, recording experiences that he has penned, recording experiences that he underwent and exposing big names. Since Framed was serialized by an Urdu newspaper, no contradictions were raised, no accusations challenged in court, the narrative therefore cannot be regarded as the concoction of a morbid imagination.

The book has a Foreword by Maj.-Gen. (Retd.) Abdul Rehman Khan and an Introduction by Lt.-Gen. (Retd.) Mujibur Rehman Khan.


What I read in Framed was very tragic, particularly your experience of torture.
-Anthony Spaeth
Bureau Chief, Time Magazine

The steps taken by the Martial Law authorities in placing Capt. Akram’s case before a Special Military court in April 1962, was a grave legal error.
-A K Brohi
Former Law Minister of Pakistan

A tragic story of an upright army officer, framed as an Indian spy.
-Maj-Gen. Ghulam Muhammad (Retd.)
Former Head, JCIB, ISI

I found Framed absorbing, disturbing and at times moving.
-Anthony M Paul
Roving Editor, Reader’s Digest

Framed is a tragic story of turmoil extending over forty years of hide and seek with justice, with justice playing the fugitive.
-Khalid Hasan
Columnist, The Nation

A true account of perpetual persecution and denial of justice where a totally innocent man was deprived of his liberty and good name on the basis of professional rivalry, hearsay, fabricated evidence, and an inappropriate judicial cover.
-Maj-Gen. Kh. Rahat Latif (Retd.)
Former Director Personal Services, AG Branch GHQ







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