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M T Vasudevan Nair Collection
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Second Turn
by M T Vasudevan Nair      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 622 - Paperback - 261 Pages (Year: 1997)
Macmillan ~ ISBN: 0333923243

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Draupadi was wife to all five Pandava brothers. She spent the first year with Yudhishtira. The second turn was Bhima's. A powerful recreation of the Mahabharata that makes use of the silences in the original poem. Men, women and demigods engage in a bitter conflict between two princely families. Love- savage, tender and profound- lies at the core of this narration from an unorthodox point of view. Who is the real hero of the ancient Sanskrit epic?


 About the Author

M T VASUDEVAN NAIR (b 1933) is the best known among his generation of storywriters in Malayalam. His publishing career spans a little more than fifty years. He is also among Kerala’s most popular scriptwriters and directors of mainstream cinema. Nair scripted, produced and directed his debut film Nirmaalayam, which won the Indian President’s Gold Medal in 1973. Nair’s stories have been translated into major languages in India and abroad. He won the Jnanpith in 1996. Nair is married. He lives in Kozhikkode.

 Customer Review(s)

Rating: (5 out of 5) Arguably better than even Iliad !!!
Reviewer: MS from New York, USA
May be I am very partial and MT is my most favourite Author, still if you read this novel and see the human part of the 'Gods' and the facts MT saw, you WILL love this book and realize how dare and how great MT is !

Again, I am not a lit-freak and I havent read much books, so I may be wrong, may be there are better books, but unfortunately I didnt read those, so probably you can suggest some ( oh yeah, Legends of Khasak gave me a jolt, still... ;-).

Only mishap is that a person can do one mistake and trust people, but how these 'Legend' made so many mistakes??? May be thats why the 'Legend' is just a human...

Alright, enjoy the story !


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