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Mathuram Bhoothalingam Collection
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Stories of Vikramaditya
by Mathuram Bhoothalingam      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 19511 - Paperback - 131 Pages (Year: 2004)
Publications Division ~ ISBN: 8123011369

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Buy Together: Stories of Vikramaditya ($9.95) and Stories of Divine Children ($7.70)

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Razia - The People's Queen
by Shahana Dasgupta Description

The stories in the book are about the legendary King Vikramaditya of Ujjaini. He was known for his unequalled valour, dispensation of justice in a fair manner and generosity.

Narrated down through the ages, the stories have timeless appeal and continue to be of interest to the readers, especially children.

 Table of Contents

How King Vikramaditya’s Throne was Found
Vinodaranjita Relates How Vikramaditya Became a King
The New Capital
Madanabhishekavalli Relates How the Vetala Became the King’s Friend
The Story Told by the Figurine Komalavalli
The Story Told by the Figurine Mangla Kalyani
The Figurine Mantra Manonmani Talks
The Figurine Ekabhogamadanavalli Tells how the God Saturn Treats Vikramaditya
The Figurine Soundaravallil’s Tale
The Figurine Purnachandravalli at the Fourteenth Step
What the Figurine Amritasanjeevini had to Say
The Figurine Parimalamohini Stops King Bhoja
The Figurine Manunithivalli Speaks
Jnanaprakasavalli the Last Figurine Talks of the End of the Great King



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