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Mega Lifco Dictionary English - English - Tamil
by A Compilation      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 18035 - Hardcover - 1555 Pages (Year: 2010)
Little Flower ~ ISBN: N/A

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We have a long tradition of spreading education at all levels and in all several languages. Over the last several years, having felt the need for good bilingual dictionaries we brought out a series of English-English-Tamil dictionaries catering to different levels: 1. The Tiny Lifco Dictionary, 2. The Little Lifco Dictionary and 3. The Great Lifco Dictionary. Overwhelmed by the excellent reception for these titles, we have been planning to bring out another volume as the crown of these series-the result is the present Mega Dictionary.

The emphasis in bilingual dictionaries generally has been in giving meanings to each word in English and in the other language, in this case, Tamil. But, so far, no bilingual dictionary ventured to cover the pronunciation of the English words clearly and definitely. The English language, as everyone knows, is not very rational with regard to the pronunciation. There is no underlying logic for the standard pronunciation. Similarly spelt words have varying phonetic forms.

This Mega Dictionary diligently embraces this approach. The pronunciation for almost all the words is given using Tamil alphabet as symbols. A separate note is given on the symbols on pages iv to vi. With this approach, the structure for each word contains 1. Main word, 2. Pronunciation, 3. Part of Speech, 4. Meaning in English, 5. Meaning in Tamil and 6. Additional information on usage, etc.

 Table of Contents



Distinctions in Word Usage
Use of the Same Word in Different Parts of Speech
Verbs with Appropriate Prepositions and Their Special Use
Appropriate Prepositions & Adverbs
Idioms & Phrases-Set I & Set II
Parallel Proverbs
Phrases of Comparison
Latin and Greek Words & Phrases in Common Use
Phrases from French and Other Modern Languages
Verbs and Their Corresponding Nouns
Irregular Forms
Words Misused Due to Phonetic (Sound) Similarity
Select Synonyms and Antonyms
List of Technical and Scientific Terms
Words & Names of Historical Significance
Inventions and Discoveries
A Key to Shakespearean Usage
Classified Vocabulary
Share Market Terms Frequently Used
Use of the Article AN
Figures of Speech
English Grammatical Terms with Tamil Equivalents
Common Abbreviations
Time by the Clocks of Different Places at 12’O Clock Noon (IST)



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