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B R Kishore Collection
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Learn English in 30 Days through Telugu
by B R Kishore      (Author ALERT)

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Buy Together: Learn English in 30 Days through Telugu ($11.25) and Learn Telugu - Talk Now! (CD-ROM) ($29.95)

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This Beginners Guide will be immensely useful to all non-English speaking and Telugu-knowing readers who aspire to learn and speak English. It will help them to carry out daily chores in Engish. Equally useful for English-knowing readers to acquire working knowledge of Telugu.

 Table of Contents

Pronunciation of Alphabet
Silent Letters
Days and Week
Year and Months
What Time is it ?
The Sentence
Some Set Comparisons
Common Errors
Words Often Confused
One Word Substitution
Body and Health
Greetings and Gratitude
Home and Family
We and Weather
Moments of Leisure
Cautions and Signals
Bazaar and Shopping
Childhood, Youth and Old Age
Dress and Food
Dealings and Occupations
Feelings and Emotions
Love and Marriage
The Doctor and the Patient5
Father and Daughter
Mother and Son
A Visit to the Zoo
In the Classroom
About the Library
Opening a Bank Account
On the Railway Platform
Good Manners
Asking the Address
Two Friends
On Birthday
Dowry System
Science Talk
Classified Glossary



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