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Kishori Amonkar Collection
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The Best of Krishna Bhajans (MUSIC CD)
by Kishori Amonkar ,  Pandit Jasraj ,  Pandit Bhimsen Joshi      (Author ALERT)

Our Price: $14.25 USD

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ProductID: 14411 - Music CD Jewel Case - N/A Pages (Year: 2004-07-01)
Music Today ~ ISBN: CDD 04099

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This Music CD has following tracks:

He Mero Man Mohana 06:36

Shyam bina 08:30

Sun Surat Rangili 07:49

Mhari Surata Suhagan 05:07

Rani Tero 10:02

Doodh Se Snaan 08:12

Main Birahini 06:36

Madhurashtakam 04:04


 About the Author

Kishore Amonkar's interpretation of the music tends to lean more towards the romantic aspect(shingar ras)and thus does not strictly follow the traditiona Jaipur Atrauli style. Kishore Amonkar trained under her mother Moghubai Kurdikar of Alladiya tradition and also under Anjanbai Malpekar of Bhendi Bazaar gharana.This,as well as other influences have conditioned her style of singing.

Although her repertoire comprises of the ragas and the bandishes of the Jaipur gharana,it also includes other ragas such as bhupali and Hansadhawani which were not a part of the traditional Jaipur collection. Her singing concentrates on tonal purity and hence the stress on swaras is, in a sense,more towards the kirana style. Her use of midhs, too,is as a result of the influence of the other gharanas. She is an excellent speaker, being clear in thought and lucid in expression. She has given immesurable joy to her listerners through her music and her lectures. She has become a renowned exponent of the rasa theory of music.

Kishori Amonkar sings with utmost intensity and sincerity. She believes in introspection and guidance from the ancient sages and seers, therefore the evolvement of her raga is different from others. Like a staunch classicist she wants to maintain the purity and the discipline of the bhava in the raga. She believes that in order to depict the 'true and living raga',one must progress towards the past-wherein lies knowledge that is eternal and absolute. She places immense importance to the tuning and playing of the tanpura.

She is an ideal student of her subject. She has thought consistently and deeply on the various problems that face a creative artist. The hard core of her philosophy of music is her faith in its power to transcend the material world and touch the spiritual. Her notes are divine and their singing is sacred. With her singing, a concert hall is transformed into a temple and the listeners become her Guru Raghavendra. Therefore, after a concert, whenever and wherever, she humbly bows down her head at the people in front- this gesture has an added dimension.

Her devotion to music is incredible.She rendered a 3 and 1/2 hour programme in a Bombay Hall, with the excruciating and relentless agony of a herpes infection across thc nose. She held her tanpura in her right hand and with the left hand dipped cotton in a medicinal solution and applied it to her face to ease the pain.

Kishori Amonkar has already won some of the highest honours, like the Presidential award and the Sangeet Natak Academy award .She was also awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1989.


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