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Tarla Dalal Collection
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Rajasthani Cookbook
by Tarla Dalal      (Author ALERT)

Our Price: $26.75 USD

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ProductID: 12552 - Hardcover - 136 Pages (Year: 2007)
Sanjay & Company ~ ISBN: 8186469664

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There is much more to Rajasthani cuisine than its signature dish, the ubiquitous Dal Baati Churma. Rajasthani cooking has its own special flavour where the simplest and most basic ingredients go into the making of enticing recipes. Moreover, Rajasthani food has a dazzling range of subtle and satisfying dishes like Gatte ki Kadhi, Gavarfali ki Subji, Ker Sangri and so on.

The accent in their vegetarian cuisine is on the purity of ingredients and richness (ghee, mava and exotica). This book has plenty of delectable starters, main courses and mithais which are sure to tantalize your taste buds like the exceptionally flavoured Pyaz ki Kachoris, melt in the mouth Ghevars, Badam Ka Halwa to name just a few.

Moreover, Rajasthani food has plenty of delectable mithais to satisfy your sweet cravings like the melt in the mouth Ghevar with Rabdi, Badam ka Halwa, Atte ka Malpua, Mava Kachori.

All the recipes in this book have been adapted to suit a variety of tastes and palates. Ghee and oil quantities have been limited while retaining the traditional taste and mystique of the flavourful Rajasthani cuisine. I am sure you will be ale to whip up a scrumptious Rajasthani fare with these easy to fellow recipes and surprise your family and friends who may not be familiar with the richness of Rajasthani cuisine.

 Table of Contents


Kairi ka Pani
Stuffed Dahi Vadas
Muttar ki Kachori
Kalmi Vadas
Papad ki Churi
Pyaz ki Kachori
Stuffed Chilas
Kanji Vadas
Khasta Kachori
Bikaneri Bhujia
Masala Mathri
Plain Mathri
Shakkar Para


Ker Sangri
Gavarfali ki Subji
Aloo ki Subji
Papad Mangodi ki Subji
Bharwa Lauki
Dahi Chane ki Subji
Panchmel ki subji
Methi Mangodi
Gavarfali ki Sukhi Subji
Arbi ka Sag
Masala Tinda
Aloo Pethe ka Saag
Mooli ki Subji
Ker aur Kismis
Palak Mangodi
Kacher subji


Gatte ki Kadhi
Pithore Kadhi
Mangodi ki Kadhi
Rajasthani Kadhi
Masala Chawla
Dal Banjari
Palak Toowar Dal
Mooli Moong Dal


Bhedawi Puri
Misi Roti
Bajra Aloo Roti
Dal Ke Parathe
Masala Tikadia
Hare Muttar ki Puri
Bajra Roti
Mooli Makai ki Roti
Khoba Roti


Bajra Khichdi
Gatte ka Pulao
Gehun ki Bikaneri Khichdi


Ker ka Achaar
Tamatar ki Launji
Shimla Mirch ki Launji
Methi ki Launji
Aam ki Launji
Lahsun ki Chutney
Amla Murabba
Aam aur Chane ka Achaar


Dal Baati Churma
Masala Baati
Mogar aur Chasni Chawal
Chana Dal aur Gur Chawal
Raabdi wit Bajra Roti


Gaund ke Laddu
Churma Laddu
Jaripalla Churma
Chenna Malpua
Atte ka Malpua
Ghevar with Rabdi
Moong Dal Halwa
Badam ka Halwa
Motichur Laddu
Makai Jajaria
Bundi Payas
dodhiya Kheech
Mava Kachori


Moong Dal Mangodi


 About the Author

TARLA DALAL is India's best-selling cookery author for over 2 decades. She has written a total of 46 titles, several of which have been translated in various languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali and even Dutch and Russian! The total sales of here cookbooks exceed 1.7 million copies.

Many of her books have been an almost permanent feature on top sellers list; Desi Khana, Low Calorie Healthy Cooking and Rotis and Subzis are among the best-sellers which have netted the maximum sale figures. According to India Today, India's leading news analysis magazine, Ms Dalal has sold the maximum number of books in any field as compared to any other Indian author and at a conservative estimate, her recipes have been tried and are trusted in over 20 million Indian homes.


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