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A Compilation Collection
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Devi Bhagwat Puran
by A Compilation      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 13121 - Paperback - 108 Pages (Year: 2006)
Diamond ~ ISBN: 8171828329

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This is the third book of the series of the Puranas undertaken to apprise the youth with our cultural heritage in the language and style they are most familiar with. The Puranas, in fact, depict the evolution of the ethos in this part of the world and hence they also show the rise and fall of the human values as well in the attempt to set the high norms of living.

They reveal to us not only the dharma as they conceived it but also the ideal routine to live your life usefully and fully. While no attempt has been made to affect any change in the assiduously eulled text, the style has surely been altered to assimilate the fact not with a blind vision but with an awakened mind.

It must, however, be borne in the mind that no alteration in the axiomatic assumptions of the Hinduism viz. the Karma Theory, the theory of rebirth of the soul till it reaches the level of emancipation and the joint family system, should be assumed. Since the Purana runs along with the help of three set of dialogues, most of the text had been rendered in indirect speech.

 Table of Contents



Haya-greeva’s Tale; Madhu-Kaitabh’s Story; Urvasi-Puroorava Episode; Birth of Shukadeva; Shukadeva’s Quitting His Mortal Coil ; Sage Vyas Goes to Hastinapur; The Niyog

Sage Vyas’s Birth; Shantanu’s Marriaes; Bhesshma’s Birth; Bheeshma’s Terrible Vow; The Pandavas Birth; Parikshita And Janmejaya

The Story of The Beginning; Utathya’s Enligthtment Sudershana’s Worship; The Goddess’s Ritual Worship

The Causes of The Krishna Incarnation; Prahled And Nara-Narayana; Sage Bhrigu and Vishnu; The Sage Nara-Narayana’s Promise; Lord Krishna’s Story

Mahishasur’s Slaying; Surath’s Story

Indra-Vritra’s Duel, Nahush’s Fall; Vashishtha And Vishwamitra’s Confrontation; The Tale of Haihaya Dynasty; Narad-Becomes Monkey-Faced

Creation Commenced; Sukanya-Chyavan Story; The Ikshavaaku Dynasty; Vashistha And Vishwamitra’s Second Feud

Veridicious Harishchandra’s Story; Demon Ruru’s Tale The Supergods’s Arrogance; The Jambudweep And Its Subdivision. The Deseription of Hells; The Ritual Worship of The Super Goddess

Fight Between Ganga And Saraswati; Radha And Ganga; Tulsi-Shankhchooda’s Story; Savitri’s Story; Goddess Lakshmi’ Origin; Manasa Devi; Mount Vindhya’s Anger; Origin of Rudraksha; Counclusion


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