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K C Kanda Collection
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Selected Dohas - Kabir, Tulsidas, Rahim, Varind and Sheikh Farid
by K C Kanda      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 24260 - Paperback - 188 Pages (Year: 2008)
Lotus Press ~ ISBN: 8183821553

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This book , written in Hindi, translated into English and translierated in the Roiman Script, is meant to introduce the reader to the famous 'Dohas' of five Hindi poets: Kabir, Tulsi, Rahim Khankhana' Varind Kavi and Sheikh Farid.

It contains 523 'Dohas', which have been thoughtfully selected and faithfully rendered into English Language, lucid, rhythmical and appropriate. The translation attempts to retain the beauty of rhyme and assonance, the special features of a 'Dohas', which account for their musicality and memorability.

Each poet is first introduced with a brief biographical-cum-critical note which gives a foretaste of the 'Dohas' to come. The book begins with a general introduction to the form and features of the 'Dohas', which is fairly comprehensive and informative. Then follow the series of selected 'Dohas' in Hindi, their transcription in the Roman script, and their translation into English.

This book will be warmly received by lovers of literature, including especially those readers who are not familiar with Hindi in the Devnagri script

 Table of Contents


Rahim Khankhana
Varind Kavi
Sheikh Farid


 About the Author

K C Kanda has had long experience as a teacher of English in Punjab and Delhi Universities. He holds a first class first in Urdu and a Doctorate in English from Delhi University. While English poetry has been his forte professionally, Urdu poetry has been his love since his school days. He has produced seven anthologies of selected Urdu poetry rendered into versified English. Dr Kanda was given the Delhi Urdu Akademi Special Award in 1997 for excellence in translation, and he is currently working on a Master-Couplets of Urdu Poetry arranged subject-wise.


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