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Passion India - The Story of Spanish Princess of Kapurthala
by Javier Moro      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 19310 - Paperback - 448 Pages (Year: 2008)
Full Circle ~ ISBN: 8176211768

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Buy Together: Passion India - The Story of Spanish Princess of Kapurthala ($29.95) and The Man from Chinnamasta ($20.75) Get

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On 28th January, 1908, a seventeen-year-old Spanish girl, sitting atop a luxuriously caparisoned elephant, makes her entry into a small town in the north of India. The entire population is out in the streets to pay homage to the new princess with skin as white as the snows of the Himalayas. It could seem like a fairy tale, but that was the wedding of the Spanish girl, Anita Delgado, to the incredibly wealthy Maharajah of Kapurthala. And there commenced a great story of love and betrayal spread over nearly two decades.

After a thorough research in Europe and India, Javier Moro reveals with exciting details the secrets of that relationship which culminated in one of the biggest scandals ever to rock colonial society in British India. And he takes us to the fabulous world of the Maharajahs, with their harems of the Thousand and One Nights, their erotic parties, their passion for jewellery, palaces, flamenco, horses, Rolls Royces and tiger hunts. A world that was about to change forever.

If at the end I chose to write a novel, says the author, it is no because I needed to invent anything, but the opposite, I wanted to better render the flavour of a time, as well as the colours and the smells of India, the eccentricities of the last maharajahs and the irresistible personality of Anita Delgado, faithful to her feelings until she was able to conquer her own freedom.

 Table of Contents



Life is a Fairy Tale

The Lord of the World

I am the Princess of Kapurthala

The Wheel of Karma Turns for All

The Sweet Crime of Love

Who Will Dry Our Tears?



 About the Author

JAVIER MORO was born in Spain in 1955. As a script-writer, he has spent many years in United States where he has worked with producers such as Ridley Scott. He is the author of The Jaipur Foot and The Mountains of the Buddha.

 Customer Review(s)

Rating: (5 out of 5) A fascinating tale indeed!!
Reviewer: Rizwana from India
Passion of India is probably one of the finest novels ever written!! This book is a must read! It is a story of a lifetime! Hats off to javier moro for weaving such a beautiful tale…

Rating: (5 out of 5) Passion India is a must read
Reviewer: Wendi Vaisler from West Vancouver B.C. Canada
I purchased this book the day before I left India, having just completed a trip to Rajasthan. This book truly brought to life the history we encountered there It gives a wonderful overview of history at the time (In relation to India), the cultural and religious highs and lows, and the amazing story of Anita Delgado. I have read many " Historical Novels", but I found this one to be the most memorable. My only disappointment is that it is very difficult to find the English edition here in Canada (and the U.S.), which makes it almost impossible to recommend to friends!!


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